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  • Thought Leaders Academy is a capability-enhancing programme aimed at open-minded leaders and executives who have a passion to make a difference in their respective industries and companies. It will be relevant to individuals from middle management upward, ensuring that leaders are empowered and skilled to navigate the future. The Academy was launched in April 2014 and represents the ‘Capability Enhancement’ practice of Blankcanvas Intl.

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    Courses are offered in four categories:

    • Innovation – our innovation courses cater for all levels – whether you’re an executive needing strategic direction, an innovation driver requiring specialist tools and skills or would just like to know more about innovation.
    • Sustainability – business today needs to transition from creating short term shareholder value to creating long term inclusive wealth to all stakeholders. Our sustainability courses will get you on the road to a thrivable business.
    • Toolkits for Step-Change – in order to innovate and to successfully do business in changing times, you need extraordinary skills. To think differently. To look at other things for inspiration. These Tools for Change are just that.
    • Business Programmes – six to twelve month programmes that provide comprehensive leadership and thinking skills to add that extra dimension to yourself and your business.

    We also offer expeditions – specifically on the Biomimicry side at this stage – which offer delegates a chance to explore the wilderness through the lens of biomimicry providing a new way of viewing and valuing the genius of nature.


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