• 1.Innovation

    10 Step Communication Strategy Methodology

    When facing the task of getting your brand message out there, many methodologies and formulas could be employed. This 10-Step Methodology is rooted in the philosophy that corporate communication is a holistic practice that should be interlinked with branding, public relations and marketing.  It based on crafting a brand statement that can be tailor-made for […]

  • Improve-Team-Communications-in-a-Business

    10 Commandments of communication strategy (T10CS)

    Communication plays an essential function in any organisation – internally and externally as brand message – yet the full power is unrealised. The 10 Commandments of Communication Strategy programme aims to equip you with an understanding of the strategic power function. The programme is designed to provide a practical and elegant framework that is strategy driven. […]

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    Digital Disruption

    Doing business in the future won’t be anything like today Digital disruption – are you ready? The transformation of global communications and computing over the last 20 years has been profound thanks to the internet and the mobile phone. But, perhaps the most profound changes have yet to come with the emergence of wearable computing […]

  • Neuroscience-Trigger-Map


    Neuroscience “You can teach an old dog new tricks” During the last two decades, scientists have gained a new, far more accurate view of human nature and behavior change because of the integration of psychology (the study of the human mind and human behavior) and neuroscience (the study of the anatomy and physiology of the […]

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    Team Innovation through Improvisation

    Team Innovation through Improvisation Research in various fields has shown the importance of collaboration and team work to generate innovative solutions. However, working in teams often leads to diminished creativity. One reason for this is the lack of an innovative team climate. Fortunately, this can be developed through practice and awareness. True to the nature […]

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    Innovation Leadership

    Innovation Leadership This course is a road-map for building a culture of innovation within your company. It gives you the critical steps and requirements to make innovation a part of your company’s DNA. UP FOR DISCUSSION: The importance of Innovation within organisations. The importance of Management and Leaderships roles when driving a culture of innovation. […]

  • Navigating the envisaged future through resilient business performance (NEF)

    Navigating the envisaged future through resilient business performance (NEF) With the world changing at a phenomenal rate and with even greater technological advancements, organisations need to drastically adapt in order to effectively and economically conduct business. Increasing pressures for innovation, productivity, and sustainable development will set the pace for work of the future. UP FOR […]

  • the-power-of-communications

    Keys to Successful Stakeholder Communication

    Keys to Successful Stakeholder Communication Understanding the Integrated Stakeholder Engagement Framework – The 5 W’s; Understanding the engagement continuum and international standards; Mapping stakeholders; Plotting a communication matrix; Distilling key messages; Crafting engagement aids; Equipping community relations staff; Conducting engagement events; Delivering bad news; Managing expectations through communication; Closing the gap through stakeholder feedback. UP […]

  • Seeing the Leaves

    Seeing the Leaves A lifelong life skill How to generate innovative new ideas on a daily basis and why this is so important for you, your work and your family’s future. Welcome all. How I usually start is with a little story. How many of you have seen the wine farms in Cape Town? If you can […]

  • Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme

    Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme The objective of the programme is to promote an understanding of the challenges of climate change, and how the environment around us works as a carefully calibrated system that is impacted by the actions of human beings. It aims to inspire responsibility and cooperation by the learners, both of which are necessary […]

  • More Than Money Programme

    More Than Money Programme The JA More Than Money Programme teaches participants about earning, spending, sharing and saving money as well as advises on businesses they can start or jobs they can perform to earn money. The programme encompasses economics and business curriculum for learners in grades three through five, emphasizing social studies content while […]

  • The Mini-Enterprise Programme

    The Mini-Enterprise Programme The Mini-Enterprise Programme aims to develop an understanding of entrepreneurship by providing young people with insight into what is required to establish and manage a small business. The programme and its learning material take a theoretical and practical approach so that participants not only learn about certain roles and responsibilities, but also […]