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    Co-creating an Envisaged Future

    Co-creating an Envisaged Future The world is developing and changing at a phenomenal rate and, together with even greater technological advancements, organisations need to drastically adapt – to “step change value chains” to effectively and economically conduct business. Preparing to meet these future requirements presents substantial new “blue ocean market” opportunities and risks, differentiates companies […]

  • Inclusive Wealth 6 capitals

    Redefine the Value Chain for Inclusive Wealth

    Redefine the Value Chain for Inclusive Wealth This course practically equips business leaders with the thought leadership, tools and networks to successfully embed a Culture of Sustainable Development in their organisations Frames the Business Case for Sustainable Development – Sharing Industry Case Studies Introduces the Concept of Inclusive Wealth Focus on Value Chain Innovation and […]

  • Innovation for Impact

    Innovation for Impact

    Innovation for Impact As executives, business leaders, and decision makers are faced with the daunting task of retooling and revitalizing their enterprises, it is important that key personnel within the organisation as well as potential future leaders are skilled to handle this change.Champions are needed that understand the business can drive innovation from within, helping […]

  • Innovation in Action2

    Innovation in Action

    Innovation in Action In order to work in modern environments rife with Change, It is important for employees to understand the need to think differently. To be innovative. In this course you will learn to understand innovation and enable you to think more creatively. This includes a set of step-by-step thinking techniques that lead to […]

  • Innovating for Competitive Edge and a Thrivable Future

    Innovating for a Thrivable Future

    Innovating for a Thrivable Future ‘Thrivability is the ability for you and me to thrive, for what is around us to thrive, and for thriving to be the sum of all we do. Thrivability emerges from holding the persistent intention to be generative: that is to  create more value than we consume – this builds […]