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    Sustainability Masterclass

    ‘Smart companies now treat sustainability as innovation’s new frontier’ ~Harvard Business Review Business Case for “Sustainability Step Change”: There is a realization amongst many companies that to ensure a sustainable business into the 21st century requires a shift from business as usual to innovative, out-of-the-box thinking for a Thrivable Future. Business today therefore needs to […]

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    Co-creating an Envisaged Future

    Co-creating an Envisaged Future The world is developing and changing at a phenomenal rate and, together with even greater technological advancements, organisations need to drastically adapt – to “step change value chains” to effectively and economically conduct business. Preparing to meet these future requirements presents substantial new “blue ocean market” opportunities and risks, differentiates companies […]

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    Redefine the Value Chain for Inclusive Wealth

    Redefine the Value Chain for Inclusive Wealth This course practically equips business leaders with the thought leadership, tools and networks to successfully embed a Culture of Sustainable Development in their organisations Frames the Business Case for Sustainable Development – Sharing Industry Case Studies Introduces the Concept of Inclusive Wealth Focus on Value Chain Innovation and […]