Toolkits for Step-Change

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    Digital Disruption

    Doing business in the future won’t be anything like today Digital disruption – are you ready? The transformation of global communications and computing over the last 20 years has been profound thanks to the internet and the mobile phone. But, perhaps the most profound changes have yet to come with the emergence of wearable computing […]

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    Neuroscience “You can teach an old dog new tricks” During the last two decades, scientists have gained a new, far more accurate view of human nature and behavior change because of the integration of psychology (the study of the human mind and human behavior) and neuroscience (the study of the anatomy and physiology of the […]

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    Team Innovation through Improvisation

    Team Innovation through Improvisation Research in various fields has shown the importance of collaboration and team work to generate innovative solutions. However, working in teams often leads to diminished creativity. One reason for this is the lack of an innovative team climate. Fortunately, this can be developed through practice and awareness. True to the nature […]

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    Keys to Successful Stakeholder Communication

    Keys to Successful Stakeholder Communication Understanding the Integrated Stakeholder Engagement Framework – The 5 W’s; Understanding the engagement continuum and international standards; Mapping stakeholders; Plotting a communication matrix; Distilling key messages; Crafting engagement aids; Equipping community relations staff; Conducting engagement events; Delivering bad news; Managing expectations through communication; Closing the gap through stakeholder feedback. UP […]

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    Biomimicry Life’s Principles

    Biomimicry Life’s Principles The Life’s Principles course outlines strategies for thriving based on nature’s 3.8 billion years of natural selection, delving deeper into Life’s Principles and their application. Leveraging Life’s Principles as well-adapted design lessons from nature Using Life’s Principles as a design and thinking tool Working on design challenges in interdisciplinary teams using Life’s […]

  • Design Thinking

    Design Thinking

    Design Thinking Design Thinking is a creative process that helps you design meaningful human centric solutions. It is a methodology for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result. It’s a form of solution-based, or solution-focused thinking that starts with the goal or what is meant to be achieved […]

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    Lego Serious Play™

    Lego Serious Play™ LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ is an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. It taps into a team’s creativity, enabling them to create robust solutions for organisational challenges. Although the use of LEGO bricks in business might at first appear unusual, it has become a much recognised and favoured tool […]

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    Biomimicry 101

    Biomimicry 101 Biomimicry (from bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate) is a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. The core idea is that nature, imaginative by necessity, has already solved many of the problems we are grappling with today. Biomimicry allows […]

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    Biomimicry Learning Journey

    Designed for those who are looking to integrate Biomimicry deeper into themselves and their field by completing all the modules and receiving mentoring from a Biomimicry Professional. This involves the series of workshops: Biomimicry 101 Module: An Introduction to Biomimicry Biomimicry Life’s Principles Module : An in depth investigation Re-Imagining Systems Module: Biomimicry Systems Thinking […]