Digital Disruption

Are you ready?

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Doing business in the future won’t be anything like today

Digital disruption – are you ready?

The transformation of global communications and computing over the last 20 years has been profound thanks to the internet and the mobile phone. But, perhaps the most profound changes have yet to come with the emergence of wearable computing and the Internet-of-Things

Expect tremendous disruption and transformation of business models by 2025 through sensors, wearables, increasingly online and global services, data analytics, changing consumer attitudes, new technologies, increasingly daily cyber-attacks, drive for global sustainability.

Many organisations will fail because of an inability to adapt or to change their business model to a multichannel reality in which boundaries between the online and physical worlds disappear.

If you are in one of the groups below you will almost certainly need to know just how the above dramatic changes are going to impact upon your organization in the next five years and to know when and know how to respond.

Planners | Innovators | Risk managers | Marketers | Consultants|Change agents | Researchers Portfolio managers | Security advisers |Educators |HR managers


  •  An effective response will encompass business continuity and third-party notification as well as crisis management and forensic IT investigations
  • Business leaders will need strong antennae to understand where new opportunities are arising.
  • Having the right data on talent and requirements and operating the right systems will provide valuable input.
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) companies will have rewards or gamification linked to the use of wearables as a way of keeping customers engaged with their brands.
  • Supply chain-driven innovation will be critical to sustaining a new business model focused on different types of products, services, and methods of engagement

This workshop will be an immersion into digital disruption: what it is. What the trends are. What does it mean for your business?  How to identify and run with opportunities.

Who should attend?
  • Anyone who wants to improve their thinking skills and understand thinking preferences to improve the way they communicate, make decisions, solve problems, manage teams and projects, and generally GET RESULTS.
How long is it?
  • 1 Day
What is the cost?
  • R2,950 (includes an HBDI profile)
  • This is List price. Discounts are available for Earlybirds, SAINE members, NGOs, SMMEs and Groups. Our course administrator will confirm final price applicable before invoicing.
Who are the Facilitators?

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