Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme

Inspiring responsibility and cooperation by learners

Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme

The objective of the programme is to promote an understanding of the challenges of climate change, and how the environment around us works as a carefully calibrated system that is impacted by the actions of human beings.

It aims to inspire responsibility and cooperation by the learners, both of which are necessary to drive personal habits which contributes towards environmental sustainability.

Each of the eight sessions has specific activities, outcomes and assessment criteria, with the first four sessions led by a facilitator, with theory work followed by group collaboration.

The final four sessions are completely focused on group work, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, equipping the learners with the skills and insights to create, produce and market products that will make a positive impact on climate change.

Who should attend?
  • School-going learners in Grade 6
How long is it?
  • Eight 90 minute sessions
What is the cost?
  • TBC
  • Our course administrator will confirm final price applicable before invoicing.
Who are the Facilitators?

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