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Assists leaders and teams to become innovators and change-makers

  • Genius Works is a consultancy which assists leaders and teams to become innovators and change-makers. We do this by gathering cutting-edge thinking methodologies and simplifying them.

    We offer capabilities that assist in harnessing the innate genius that exists within functional groups and develop their abilities to respond to ever-changing complexities.

    Genius Works understands that the world is changing at a phenomenal rate and aims to be a leader in educating people in the crucial skills needed to thrive in a complex and ever changing world.

    We help companies design genius and assist them to bring it to life.

    We use the latest social technologies to train, enable and integrate learning, transformation and innovation. The work we do empowers improved decision-making and accelerates implementation. It promotes unity, fosters supportive environments and enables rapid adjustment to change.

    Whether you need the use of our brains for three hours or you need a partner for a large-scale strategy, we will bring our team and our collective genius to your needs.

    We work with teams, groups, business leaders, innovators and change-makers to conceptualise, create and discover better ways of doing, being and profiting.

    • VOX Telecom

      After Orion bought VOX and had a significant change in company culture, we worked with top leadership on running strategy and alignment sessions to bring clarity and priorities to the fore. We also facilitated top-management conflicts that arose through the process. Once the foundational aspects were in place, we collaboratively designed a 3-month engagement with the larger management group, first working on personal and group dynamics and finally instilling ideation channels and innovation processes.

    • Standard Bank

      Genius Works has worked extensively with Standard Bank in different layers of the organization. We have trained employees in foundations of leadership as well as facilitated group dynamics and strategy sessions supporting leaders in large-scale rollouts and new innovations within the Bank.

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