Innovation in Action

The building blocks of innovation

Innovation in Action

In order to work in modern environments rife with Change, It is important for employees to understand the need to think differently. To be innovative. In this course you will learn to understand innovation and enable you to think more creatively. This includes a set of step-by-step thinking techniques that lead to new idea generation, better problem solving, efficiency building and getting the best of your talents and thinking abilities. It will enhance your company’s innovation and competitive position in the marketplace. When you finish this course you will be able to generate new ideas that are qualitatively different from those that simply add incremental improvements to existing products and processes.

Who should attend?
  • People who are new to innovation
  • Those looking to start or get involved in a new innovation practice within their organisation
How long is it?
  • 2 Days
What is the cost?
  • R7,000
  • This is List price. Discounts are available for Earlybirds, SAINE members, NGOs, SMMEs and Groups. Our course administrator will confirm final price applicable before invoicing.
Who are the Facilitators?

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