Jen Sutherland

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  • Jen has been in IT for 25 years, working in a wide variety of positions across many industries. This has given her the ability to look at the big picture while assimilating detailed inputs from related sources. She was selected for Gijima’s Management Development Program through the Gordon Institute of Business Science, where she graduated with distinction, won 2nd best student overall and was a member of the top team. This program gave birth to her interest and involvement in innovation.

    Over the past 3 years she have been heavily involved in Innovation, using the theory and expertise of others to build an innovation competency and culture within Gijima. In parallel, she fed her passion for social media and enterprise collaboration – building skills and expertise, and understanding the needs and benefits for large companies, both internally as well as business-to-business and business-to-consumer (or general public).


    • Initiated a pilot and subsequent company-wide rollout of enterprise social networking tool Yammer. The innovation team drove the participation and education of both employees and management, including “YamJams” with the CEO.
Compiled a comprehensive study and business case for a complete enterprise collaboration environment to facilitate, inter alia, employee engagement, innovation and customer interaction.
    • Created and currently run the company social media accounts, gaining a great deal of experience and expertise in the various social platforms, the different approaches and audience for each, and the contrasts between company-consumer social networking and company-company social networking.