Junior Achievement South Africa (JASA)

Preparing young people for life after school

  • The purpose of Junior Achievement South Africa is to prepare young people for life after school by raising their awareness of economic issues, teaching them entrepreneurial and life skills, providing them with an understanding of the business world and enhancing their sense of personal responsibility through practical business experience.

    For the past 34 years, Junior Achievement South Africa, a non-governmental organisation supported by Junior Achievement Worldwide, has been providing these essential business and entrepreneurial skills to young people of all ages, across the country, in both rural and urban environments. Children as young as 10 years of age are exposed to entrepreneurial and business activities in a fun and interactive manner. The core programme is one for young people between the ages of 16 to 25, where under the guidance of highly trained facilitators, participants are introduced to key business concepts, after which they launch and manage a real small business.

    JASA offers a range of programmes with a focus on ENTREPRENEURSHIP, FINANCIAL READINESS and WORKPLACE READINESS
    The programmes are aimed at :

    • Providing entrepreneurial and life skills to South African youth and equipping them with the necessary skills to establish their own enterprises.
    • Promoting entrepreneurial skills in South Africa, contributing to the economic growth of the country.
    • Preparing young people for life after school by raising their awareness of economic issues.
    • Educating young people in business management and career planning by providing them with practical business experience.
    • Improving the level of employability of young people and encouraging personal growth by development of leadership, team work and self management skills.
    • Increasing the capacity of young people to enter tertiary level education, in particularly business management and commercial subjects, by developing numeracy and literacy skills.
    • Contributing to the provision of much needed business and life skills to South African youth.
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    • Renee van Wyk

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