Lead With Imagination

Learn the core literacies, methods and paradigms needed to lead innovation and change within any system.

CourseModulesIn a world that is ever changing, the need for imagination is crucial. Imagination is the ability to see things differently, from various viewing points and with new eyes, in order to challenge the status quo.

Leading with imagination is the capacity to lead oneself and others into new ways of seeing, being, thinking and doing. When we learn to do this effectively, we are able to unleash the genius of people and their ideas. This creates the environment for true innovation.

Lead with Imagination is a multi-module programme aimed at helping individuals learn the new tools and approaches required to lead collaborative processes and change interventions. Each module serves as a building block in learning the core literacies, methods and paradigms needed to lead innovation and change within any system.

Module 1: How to Eat an Elephant

There are many ways to find solutions to burning problems. The challenge is that we often find ourselves eating the elephant the same way we always have. We throw the same resources, deadlines and approaches at the same problems hoping for something to change. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

How to Eat an Elephant will introduce participants to how some of the greatest minds of our times approach challenges, what works for them and why. Participants will understand how perception is at the heart of the solution-making equation and will undertake the journey to learn what it takes to perceive and dream the problem anew.

Module 2: Facilitating Collective Genius

Radical collaboration is the new norm in innovation. But how do we inspire others into their creative genius? How do we create environments that nourish creativity?

In this module participants will develop the ability of stimulate the creativity of others, lead teams through collaborative processes and create effective collaboration.

Module 3: Re-Imagining Systems

Thinking and seeing in systems is fast becoming one of the most vital approaches anybody who is inventing, creating or leading requires. Systems Thinking is valuable in helping us design smarter and more enduring solutions to the problems we face. In its simplest sense, Systems Thinking gives us a more accurate picture of reality so that our actions have long-term impact. Often when we try to create change, we expend a lot of energy on taking action without understanding the underlying structures at play.

Re‐Imagining Systems offers participants a powerful new perspective, a specialised language, and a set of tools to affectively deal with these challenges. This module will teach participants the basics of this powerful approach to leading, changing and making things happen within systems

Module 4: Leading & Shaping the Story

Story is at the core of any popular brand, in every moving speech and woven into the fabric of every organisation. In this module we look at story and how to lead and motivate people into action, using its power.

Module 5: Enrolling the Tribe

Gone are the days of the lone leader. If an idea is not embedded into the hearts and minds of individuals it will not take root. Enrolling the Tribe looks at how to catalyse a groundswell around an initiative, how to mobilise others into a collective vision and co-create ideas that reflect the aims, desires and needs of the larger society.

Module 6: Navigating the Unknown

Navigating the Unknown is the final module in the learning journey and requires the use of subtler faculties within participants. In this module we explore how individuals, groups and organisations experience and deal with the unknown. We unpack the Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) and we look at effective ways to incorporate newness into strategy as well as the psychological culture that must be built in order to handle the unknown.

6ModulesLeadwithImaginationIf you do not want to challenge yourself and learn to see and feel with more intensity, if you do not want to shift your environment and learn to collaboratively lead others, this learning journey is not for you.

For those of you who wish to take on this creative challenge, we invite you!

Who should attend?

Lead with Imagination is a Learning Journey for both existing and aspiring leaders at all levels to develop the new literacies of what it takes to lead through the complexities we face and to innovate accordingly.

Anybody who wants to create sufficient change in any type of system, be it societal, corporate or governmental, should attend, including:

  • CEOs
  • Business Leaders and Managers
  • Community Leaders or organisations
  • Civic Society movers and shakers
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Process Designers
How long is it?
  • 6 months, 2 intensive days per month
What is the cost?
  • R45,000
  • This is List price. Discounts are available for Earlybirds, SAINE members, NGOs, SMMEs and Groups. Our course administrator will confirm final price applicable before invoicing.
Who are the Facilitators?

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