• About Wendy’s Business

    There are three elements to Wendy’s business

    1. Metamorphic Coaching and Evolutionary Leadership

    Wendy’s clients are executives and entrepreneurs, PhDs and CEOs, artists and attorneys, mavericks and musicians, individual leaders, groups, teams, organisations and communities.  Her ideal clients are open-minded and curious; they may be experiencing inner and outer shifts or beginning to ask deeper questions and connect the dots in new ways; they are wanting to explore their next level of personal and professional evolution.

    The Why?

    Wendy’s vision is to help her clients SEE the world, BE in the world ACT in the world, CREATE in the world and LEAD in the world in new, more powerful and more resilient ways.

    The How?

    • 1:1 Coaching Programs (in person or via Skype)
    • Team Coaching Programs
    • Group Coaching Programs
    • VIP Coaching Programs
    1. Integrating Presilience

    Wendy is in the business of making stuff up! Using the Presilience Formula she provides training in high-level Creative Functioning, supporting her clients in mastering the Creative Process.  This involves the conscious use of Structural Tension, harnessing intuition, and accessing an increased range of innate and collective intelligence to create powerful and true End Results.

    The Why?

    Wendy’s vision is for you, your team or your group to meet your individual and collective Genius, achieve your desired End Results and co-create the emerging future with Focus, Flow and Follow-though.

    The How?

    • Joburg-based Re-Calibration Days
    • Horse-riding and Elephant Encounters: Weekends in the Waterberg
    • Moving from a Reactive Orientation to a Creative Orientation: 3-day workshop
    • Raise your Resilience: an Introduction to the 10 Keys: 1-day workshop
    • Fostering a Mindset to Thrive and Evolve: 2-day workshop
    • The Power of Presilience Group Coaching Program
    1. Wendy Ward

     Speaker and Writer

    Here are some of the things people have consistently said about Wendy’s presentations over the years

    Wendy’s presentations are:  insightful, inspiring, informative, thought-provoking, eye-opening, enlightening, revealing, interactive, clear, well -prepared

    Wendy is: engaging, entertaining, professional, passionate, knowledgeable, interesting, intelligent, clear, animated, alive, warm, encouraging

    Wendy’s gift is to remind you of what you have forgotten, what is important and how to navigate an uncertain and complex world by harnessing your resilience, brilliance and presence.

  • Courses:

    • Raise your Resilience: an Introduction to the 10 Keys


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