The Mini-Enterprise Programme

Providing young people with insight into what is required to establish and manage a small business.

The Mini-Enterprise Programme

The Mini-Enterprise Programme aims to develop an understanding of entrepreneurship by providing young people with insight into what is required to establish and manage a small business.

The programme and its learning material take a theoretical and practical approach so that participants not only learn about certain roles and responsibilities, but also gain experience within them. These include the likes of financial planning, general management, stock control, pricing, marketing and sales, and sales of the company’s shares.

The first four weeks are dedicated to theory, after which members of each group/business are nominated for and elected into various management positions such as general manager, accountant etc.

The remaining weeks see the participants engaging in the activities demanded by a fully-fledged business, including management, production, pricing, sales, financial control and stock control. The companies are liquidated in the final week, with salaries paid to team members, the share price calculated, and dividends paid out.

Once they have completed the programme, participants are equipped with the necessary skills to establish a viable business. The experience provides them with an improved capacity to enter tertiary level education, particularly in business, management and commercial subjects and a higher level of employability.

Who should attend?
  • School-going learners aged 16-18 years in Grade 10 – 12 who want to learn more about business and gain hands-on experience in starting and running a real business operation.
How long is it?
  • 12 weeks
What is the cost?
  • TBC
  • Our course administrator will confirm final price applicable before invoicing.
Who are the Facilitators?

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