Surisa Nel

  • Corporate Communication Director: Blank Canvas Intl; COO Sustainability Summit

    With almost 20 years experience in different roles in the communication and reputation sphere, Surisa is an excellent sense-maker and structural, systemic, strategic thinker. Working across industry alongside the delivery team of Blank Canvas International she aids in communication advise, projects and stakeholder engagement and capability enhancement.

    Surisa’s passion is reputation management and stakeholder engagement, including in-house communication. She firmly believes that no strategic implementation can be successful without a thoroughly researched stakeholder engagement strategy focused on message crafting. In the current competitive market the key differentiator is not only quality of product or service any more but emotional attachment and the integrity of a promise, brand and reputation strategy will become more central to any organisations planning and structure. Surisa believes that the success of the brand lies in the honesty and originality of its approach and when you live the brand, the brand will live.

    Surisa’s approach to life in general is one of passion and overdrive – if you love doing something you will excel in it and that is also the guideline in managing people to perform optimally.

    She lives by the motto that no problem is insurmountable with a systemic approach and a nice long run.