About us

The Academy was launched in April 2014 and represents the ‘Capability Enhancement’ practice of Blankcanvas Intl.

It has the following objectives in mind:

  • Thought Leaders aims to open dialogue and innovative, creative collaboration will be sparked and driven in order to enable leaders of change and to have a greater, positive impact on an shifting future.
  • Create new business opportunities and add value to mature companies in high-tech sectors;
  • Foster entrepreneurship and incubating new innovative companies;
  • Generate knowledge-based companies and jobs;
  • Build attractive spaces for emerging knowledge workers; and
  • Enhance the synergy between industry, government, academic and research institutions.

We specialize in building tailored solutions for Organisation’s specific needs but if you would like to join as an individual / team the public curriculum for 2016 falls into three categories:

  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Short Courses

All of the above categories have Executive Navigation and Toolkits for Teams components as well as supplementary courses from our valued facilitation partners which include: BiomimicrySA, Birdseed, Innovation Shack, Metamorphic, Eye-to-Eye, Sense2Solve and Wizeimpact.

The world-class curriculum offers cutting edge programmes around Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Change Management, Creative and Inventive Problem Solving, Innovation Intervention, BiomimicrySA, Regeneration and Thrivability.

For more information on our public calendar as well as tailor-made in-house offerings contact:

Maryke Kelly – National Manager: maryke.kelly@blankcanvas.co.za

Thought Leaders Academy supports the goals of, and is specifically endorsed by:

  • SAINE (South African Innovation Network) – a non-profit network providing a neutral platform for activating the multi-helix principle in Southern Africa where government, academia, industry and society come together and collaborate to find new solutions, innovate and generate value. Included in registration for any of the Thought Leaders Innovation courses is a complimentary 12-month membership to SAINe.

Thought Leaders Academy aims to enhance capabilities in companies and provide a platform for like-minded individuals to collaborate and co-create in order to navigate towards a Thrivable future. According to Blank Canvas International CEO, Mr Raldu Nel

“Business today needs to transition from creating shareholder value in the short term, to creating inclusive wealth to all stakeholders. Thought Leaders Academy provides a platform for collaboration and capability enhancement to assist this process.”