Wendy Ward


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  • Wendy is in the business of re-calibrating and re-inventing; enabling her clients, individually and collectively, to imagine, create, catalyse and alchemise new and more resilient realities. Wendy is the creatrix of Presilience.

    Wendy has a Degree in Law (LLB), a Certificate in Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, a Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary School Education, and a Diploma in Creative Education.

    Wendy’s personal and professional development has been on-going with training in the Theory of Knowledge and, more latterly, courses in The Thinking Environment, The 9 Conversations of Leadership, The Leadership Maturity Framework, The Art of Hosting Café Conversations, Re-Storying, Mindfulness, Harnessing Stress for Growth and Embracing Anxiety, Conscious Embodiment, The Enneagram, Gestalt Theory, Neuroscience, Systems Thinking, Flawless Consulting, Community Building and Dialogue.

    Wendy’s career path has been rich and varied.  Wendy left a career in law to work in TV production and presenting.  After a stint in industry, with Virgin Atlantic Airlines, she took up a career in education, training in the state system in the UK, the Waldorf Curriculum, the Cambridge Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Curriculum.

    Wendy has raised two sons as a single mother.  This has given her great joy, kept her feet on the ground and her humour intact.  As her boys grew up her career morphed once again, from teaching to coaching. Finally, she says, she has found her dharma or POB (Purpose of Being) – to coach, teach, empower, challenge and inspire others to thrive and evolve in times of challenge, change and uncertainty.

    The following descriptors have been used to describe Wendy and her work

    • Resilience Coach
    • Perception and Possibility Partner
    • Writer and Speaker
    • Teacher and Thought Leader
    • Alchemist and Adventurer
    • Guide and Initiator
    • Natural Success Strategist
    • Conscious Evolutionary Catalyst

    Speaker and Writer

     Here are some of the things people have consistently said about Wendy’s presentations over the years

    Wendy’s presentations are:  insightful, inspiring, informative, thought-provoking, eye-opening, enlightening, revealing, interactive, clear, well -prepared
    Wendy is: engaging, entertaining, professional, passionate, knowledgeable, interesting, intelligent, clear, animated, alive, warm, encouraging

    Wendy’s gift is to remind you of what you have forgotten, what is important and how to navigate an uncertain and complex world by harnessing your resilience, brilliance and presence.